Sunday, October 6, 2019

Victimology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Victimology - Research Paper Example Moreover, the rights of the victims should also be considered in plea agreements in the court system. However, this does not imply that the victims of the offense in question should dictate the terms and type of the plea agreements. It simply means, when deciding on which plea agreement the prosecutor should give the offender, he or she should consider the effect the offense resulted in to the victim. For example in this case study, Mr. C is an elderly citizen and truly deserves leniency from the prosecutor. However, due to his drunk driving a man dearly loved by his wife lost his life. This loss of life resulted in a lot of emotional pain, and to some extent economic stress to the victim since naturally the husband might have been the bread winner. Hence, I would advise Mrs. C to follow up on the plea agreement since it is her right to be involved in the discussions of the plea agreement. It is the duty of the Judge or Magistrate to make sure that the victim’s rights are upheld during plea agreements. For example, in the case against Mr. C it is the duty of the Judge assigned to the case to inform Mrs. C that she should be involved in the plea agreement. The judge should also make sure that the victim’s rights are upheld by instructing the prosecution to involve her in the plea agreement between the state and Mr. C. The victim rights should and are considered by both the prosecution and Judge listening to the case. However, the victim is not involved in the sentencing. This is prohibited. There are various reasons why victims are not part of the decision regarding sentencing. One such reason is that the victim is expected to be biased due to the emotional effect the offense had on him or her. For example, Mrs. B is obviously very bitter at Mr. C for killing her husband. She feels like Mr. C took her husband away from her. Hence, she is very bitter at him and is obviously seeking revenge more than justice. So she would prefer a

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