Saturday, October 5, 2019

PROPOSAL to bring the civil defense to our Uni. and let them explain Research

To bring the civil defense to our Uni. and let them explain how to deal with emergencies - Research Proposal Example he workers in the community, so that they can gain the skills they require to deal with fire and other emergencies at the FDU community and elsewhere. Through the course, the different audience of the course will learn fire and emergency resolution skills, which will enable them to help in risk resolution at the FDU community and at their respective communities and places of work. During the last six months, the team has been piloting the programs, among a few members of the FDU community, and we have noted that the limited coverage of the program has changed their skillfulness in dealing with fire and other emergencies. For example, the group taken through the brief course has demonstrated their ability to use fire extinguishers, and safe evacuation skills, including collecting all members of the community affected by the risk, at an open, safe area – and exiting members of the community through safe pathways. Through the pilot stage of the course, the team has seen considerable learning among the group involved, in dealing with fire and other emergencies. One of the students trained on the area demonstrated the skills during an emergency drill, because she was able to evacuate vulnerable people from the house. Our proposal requests for USD 5,000 in funding, which will be used to attract more students to the course, make a donation to the firefighter department, plan the course, and to acquire all the course needs required. The course materials required include fire extinguishers, and fire and emergency mitigation manuals. The team appreciates the FDU Community Grant Selection Committee, for taking interest, towards helping the FDU community acquire skills on fire and emergency skills through the new course. For more information, you can call the team director at 703-555-1212, in the case you have any questions, or you require further information regarding this proposal. The fire and emergency education team, of the FDU Community is seeking a grant, which

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