Friday, October 18, 2019

Organizational and Technical Issues of Significance in the Essay

Organizational and Technical Issues of Significance in the International or Global Magagement of Information Systems - Essay Example However, over 60 percent IS projects have been failures (Goepp et al., 2008). Knowledge of people and organizational issues in the implementation and management of IS has been growing (Ash et al., 2008). Group problem solving approach has a positive influence on IS development and implementation (Tesch et al., 2009). In the context of several stakeholders, implementation of information systems is likely to be disappointing and troublesome, if stakeholders are not identified and their interests not taken into consideration (Boonstra & de Vries, 2008). A â€Å"fit† between organizational characteristics and business processes embedded in the system affects the likelihood of implementation success or failure (Morton & Hu, 2008). Management of information security has been a challenge, as it has been neglected and skills needed for organizational culture have not been adopted (Ashenden, 2008). Organizations should be able to evaluate implications of knowledge management (KM) within their technical infrastructure, and identify the role of tools in the flow of knowledge in organizational processes (Rodrà ­guez-Elias et al., 2008). KMS designed to support specific goals are more appropriate, as knowledge problems are divergent across organizations (Hahn & Wang, 2009). The quality of information and system integration were found to influence usefulness of IS; which was a good predictor of extended usage (Saeed & Abdinnour-Helm, 2008). While developing IS, business processes and supporting databases should be closely related (van Hee et al., 2009). Yen et al. found that the implementing team created higher level of integration and effective management of projects within the organization, influencing the success of IS (2008). Involvement of users and designing models of an integrated enterprise are necessary in the development of IS (Goepp et al., 2008). Development of organizational competencies helps in harnessing IT,

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