Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Request for Scholarship from local businesses Essay

Request for from local businesses - Scholarship Essay Example They are the multiple reasons that I am striving to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. Being a single parent, I am the only role model these children have. Therefore, I must lead them by example. It will be difficult for me to achieve that task if I do not have a college degree as I will be unsuccessful in convincing my children to stay in school in the event that they wish to drop out. I do not want to be that loser parent whose children just get by because they have to. I want to offer them the chance at a better future when they turn 18 rather than the future that I had at that age. There is no reason for me to not succeed in the field of medical studies. My father is a licensed radiologist and my stepmother is a highly successful nurse practitioner. Medical service is in my blood. But these dreams and lofty ambitions are threatened by the abject poverty that my family and I are currently experiencing. After having been laid off twice from my previous jobs, I have come to realize that I need this retraining if I hope to advance financially in life. But I need your help in achieving this life changing event. It is with this intention that I humbly come before you with a request that your office consider me for a scholarship. I am relying solely on the goodwill of my neighbors and kind souls to help fulfill my

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