Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Outline a plan to stop a planned terrorist incident conducted by Research Paper

Outline a plan to stop a planned terrorist incident conducted by Hezbollah - Research Paper Example Additionally, the paper discusses the mitigating and responsive factors that are paramount in order to avoid the loss of lives as occurred during the 9/11 attacks. Furthermore, the discourse delves into the fundamental preventive measures such as the application of the Patriot Act that uses intelligence and surveillance to stop terrorism suspects from perpetrating their acts. There are different hazards that the terrorist group, Hezbollah is capable in terms of its militant activities. This ranges from shooting down planes carrying high profile personalities and planting bombs in influential buildings. Similarly, this Jihad-guided organization has power to hijack planes and ram into buildings the way Al Qaeda did in the 9/11 attacks in America that resulted to several loss of lives. However, it is noteworthy to observe that Hezbollah initially was not a jihadist group but a form of movement that played a fundamental in Lebanon’s independence (Bullock, Haddow & Coppola, 2009). On that aspect, this group has developed a deep hatred for the Christian Maronite and the Sunni. This has hardened the group into the most dreaded global terrorist organization that executes its missions through suicide bombings. For example, there were more than thirty incidents of suicide bombings in Lebanon in the early 80s though the group does not acknowledge their acts. This deadly tactic was also used in 1983 when a suicide bomber riding vehicle packed explosive materials drove near USA barracks and killed more than two hundred and forty one US marines (Uda, 2009). Apart from the use of suicide bombings, this militant organization also uses extortion as a technique of communicating their message to their enemies that include Israel and the US. This has been apparent in cases where members of either states or their sympathizers have been caught by the group. Moreover, the extortion always

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