Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Human Cloning Essay -- Science Biology Genetics Genes Essays

Human Cloning Ever since the cloning of the first mammal, the sheep Dolly, in 1996 by Ian Wilmut of the Roslin Institute, people have been begun to consider how they feel about human cloning. Is it possible? Should we do it? The overwhelming answer seems to be "yes" to the first question, and "no" to the second. "Yes," because cloning a human is not much different from cloning a sheep. The cloning procedure is actually so surprisingly non-technical that laboratories could easily begin conducting their own research on human embryos today. In fact, one physicist who researched fertility sciences in the 1980's, Dr. Richard Seed, says he can already do it, and is setting up a clinic. His clinic probably won't succeed, however, because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would have to approve such a clinic before it could operate, and they probably won't (World Book 13). If he did set up a clinic, the result would most likely turn out the same as a similar event in 1993, when researchers used well-known techniques to begin artificially twinning humans. They immediately became "embroiled in a firestorm of public scrutiny," and they were "criticized by other researchers in the field for jumping ahead without scrutinizing the ethical ramifications" (Bohlin 4). Clearly, although we have this technology right at our fingertips, the general community doesn't feel right about using it. In a CNN poll taken of 1,005 American adults in 1997, 89% feel that cloning humans is morally unacceptable, 69% are afraid of the possibility of cloning humans, and 74% believe that human cloning is against God's will (Robinson 8). More recently, the Vatican condemned human cloning as being "perverse" (Been 1). The scientists who cloned Doll... ...es, but only if we take the dangers seriously. Works Cited Bailey, Ronald. The Twin Paradox. Reason Online. May 1997. Beddington, Rosa. Cloning. 1997. Been, Jennie. Can we and should we clone humans? Bohlin, Dr. Ray. Can Humans Be Cloned Like Sheep? 1997. Deltapoint, Inc. Human Cloning and Re-Engineering. 1996 Green, Ronald M. I, Clone. Scientific American. September 1999. Hawley, Aaron. Cloning. March 2, 1998. Kilner, Dr. John F. Cloning Around. Life Advocate. July/August 1997. National Bioethics Advisory Commission. Executive Summary - Cloning Human Beings. June 1997. Ramey, Cathy. Cloning: A Theological View. Life Advocate. July/August 1997. Robinson, Bruce A. Ethical Aspects of Human Cloning. January 15, 2000. Slouching Towards Creation. Time. World Book v 1.4 Cloning: Are Humans Next? 1999.

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