Monday, August 26, 2019

Dubai International Airport Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Dubai International Airport - Case Study Example Concourse 3 will be affiliated to the two above accessible levels of Terminal 3 via an automatic Power mover (APM) in accession to the vehicular and accoutrements administration arrangement account tunnels. The building, which follows the appropriate appearance of Concourse 2, will be 645 meters long, 90 meters advanced and 42 meters top in the centre from the accessory level, and will board 20 aircraft stands, 18 of which will board Airbus The growth rate of the Dubai International Airport is high compared to other Airports in the Middle East. The Dubai International Airport holds highest position in the ratings by authorities like International Air Transport Association (IATA) (Airport Facilities, n. d.). The Transportation facility kind of the infrastructure of a country has to be developed continuously. The development of Dubai International Airport is essential for the development of the country and for making one among the top countries of the world. If the International Airport at Dubai is developed at a higher phase it can attract many foreigners including tourists and investors. The investors would be investing in country only after a detailed study of the infrastructure of that particular country including the international transportation. This fact forced the government of the United Arab Emirates, to think about the development of existing international airport by way of expansion programs. Dubai International Airport, in a actual abbreviate time, has developed from an aerodrome into an aerodynamics hub. Today, not alone is Dubai International Airport one of the fastest growing airports in the world, it is as well recognized as the arch and busiest airport of the Middle Eas t region. In 2008, the airport handled an almanac 37,441,440 cartage and over 34% of all flights entering and abrogation the Middle East and Africa. Aegis at the airport bare to be actively upgraded as an aftereffect of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) acme affair to be captivated in Dubai (Time Management, n. d.). Given the accent of surveillance to the aegis of the airport the arrangement had to be designed, installed, configured and handed over to airport aegis in beneath than a month. An abstruse band-aid advised by control-ware was called to accommodate top superior video transmission, avant-garde administration and reliable recording for the airport. Cost Management It is clear that without the support of the government, it is not possible to implement a major development in a country. Whichever is the country and whatever be the project, the government support is essential for making the project a grand success. In case of the Dubai International Airport development the government is providing the full support under the supervision and control of ministry of aviation. The government supports the development of the Dubai airport free zone. "Representative offices of the immigration and customs department are located within DAFZA. The customs office is open 24hrs to facilitate round-the-clock cargo clearance" (Where mission vision, n. d.). An estimated AED 120 billion will be invested in Dubai World Central, Sheikh Ahmed said. "The aboriginal appearance of this mega-project, which primarily involves the development

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