Sunday, August 11, 2019

History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 82

History - Essay Example Through legislation, advocacy and litigation against this brutal and barbaric institution, the general public and civil rights organizations attempt to forbid executions and attempt the elimination of capital punishment. The issue of abortion in terms of politics is a matter of individual’s rights to privacy. The basic notion that is linked with the issue of abortion that makes it a moral dilemma is the fact that whether a female has a right to abort the development of an upcoming human and whether an child in the womb has its right to survive or not. However the court decisions reflect that the abortion right is protected by the fourteenth amendment as in order to be granted right of privacy, an individual is needed to be born. The issue of same sex marriage has been in discussion since last decades. As it was not a legalized marriage, people demanded that it to be legalized so that individuals may live in the manner they want to live with the partner they want to be with. The basic dilemma seems to have resolved as the basic right has been soon recognized by the whole United States and the political, cultural and religious objections making the act a taboo will be disregarded (Singh, 2003). Theoretically human life can never be priced and may be considered as priceless. However, various organizations do estimate the human lives worth and according to international standards, it is around $50,000. This international standard has been implemented by most government-run and private insurance plans globally use to ascertain while deciding upon covering a novel medical procedure. Usually the value of a human life is estimated in order to help the governments plan the amount to be expensed for healthcare of an individual citizen. However, there are certain other issues too that do incorporate valuing human life while

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