Saturday, August 24, 2019

Film analysis on the film a league of their own Research Paper

Film analysis on the film a league of their own - Research Paper Example In their absence baseball had no future and its suspension was on the cards. In this delirious time Philip K. Wrigley who was the owner of Chicago Cubs thought of a solution to keep baseball alive in America. He proposed an idea which was the All American Girls Softball League which would be a booster for the men coming home from war service. This league ended up being transformed into a pro baseball league for girls in America. 2 This film revolves around two sisters from Oregon who play baseball passionately. Then Ernie Capadino is sent to recruit players from various cities of America. Capadino visits a softball game in rural  Oregon and likes a catcher called Dottie (Genna Davis). The recruiter offers her a tryout, but she refuses as she is in favor of working in her family’s dairy farm. Kit who is an ambitious girl and little sister of Dottie is all up to try for the series. After a few debacles various recruited girls get to Chicago where Jimmy Duggan (Tom Hanks) is set to be their manager. This enthralling movie is a historical tale of two sisters that join the first women’s baseball league and struggle to help it succeed amidst their own growing rivalry. This movie provides a recap on various historical points. This film works brilliantly historically because it addresses quite a few things. The main historical points made in the movie are the setting of the movie, the ending of the men’s baseball league, the initiation of a women’s league, recruiting of women from various places and also the league’s popularity. The league began in 1943 during the ongoing World War II among the superpowers of the world. The absence of the men from the baseball circuit proved to be a threat to the game’s cessation in a country where the game was a favorite leisurely activity. The film also rightly describes the historical event of talented women being recruited from around the country.

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