Friday, September 13, 2019

Music Therapy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Music Therapy - Research Paper Example This help can be obtained in various ways that may include medication and use of music therapy. Music therapy is a common, cost effective way of dealing with such cases, and the therapists provide an excellent treatment through the use of music. Music Therapy Music is a universal language which for a long time has been present in initiating rites of passage as a way of expanding consciousness and healing. Music is a therapy used to an individual’s listening pleasure to relax the body and mind. For quite a long time, man has been using music as a form of healing and well being. A large number of people use music as a therapy to reduce stress and help them relax. Not all kinds of music can be used for healing, because certain types of music are believed to have a negative connotation. For instance, sensual music has been found to be a threat to the stability of the nation, while loud music can cause depression because of too much noise. Therefore, the choice of music during heal ing is very significant because it influences emotions, affects health, and can be used to enhance meditation and deep relaxation. Doctors and therapists have proposed music as an intervention in therapy for stress and stress related disorders. This is because some of the disorder have no clear, organic origin, and may be as a result of stressful life situations or significant events in a person’s life. In this case, music therapy can stimulate positive emotions, enhance a coping mechanism and enable recovery through the use of music. Music can also be used to restore, maintain and improve emotional and psychological wellbeing. In some other cases, music can influence physical behaviors and affect psychological response. It affects the mood of a person and the affective responses in individuals. One of the effective ways of making the most out of music therapy is by coming up with one’s own playlist. Since the playlist has songs that an individual love, they can work w ell especially when one feels the need to unwind from a stressful day. Music also works to affect the mood, and if one gets to listen to his or her favorite playlist, anger may dissolve and disappear arousing a happy mood. Music has proven effective especially in reaching people who are unreachable as some of the songs embody life experiences and may bring memories of courtship, weddings, or wartime among others. Creative music Therapy Creative music therapy is insistent on the use of little verbalization during therapy. When it was first developed, creative music therapy was aimed for children who were autistic, mentally and emotionally handicapped, emotionally and behaviorally disturbed and for those with learning disabilities (Wigram, Pederson & Bonde 126). It continues to emphasize on the improviser's skill to create potentials and possibilities within the patients by enabling them to play music and feel a sense of exploration in what they are doing. Analytical Music therapy Ana lytical music therapy involves a creative process in music making in order to draw unconscious experiences and feelings from clients in therapy, and treat them through an analytical model of work. One of the characteristics of analytical music therapy is that symbolic use of improvised music played either together by the music therapist and the patient or played by the patient alone. Mozart Effects Music of all styles is available to

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