Monday, September 23, 2019

Movie Funny People Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Movie Funny People Analysis - Essay Example The essay "Movie Funny People Analysis" analyzes the movie â€Å"Funny People† released in 2009, analyzes and evaluates the movie in all possible detail. "Funny People" as the title suggests needed some funny people as the front cast and who could have been a better choice than Adam Sandler for ‘Judd Apatow’. Not only Sandler is Apatow’s former roommate, but also without any doubts, Sandler is amongst the few top class actors in the Hollywood today. Experts say that he has it all: style, charisma, talent, skills, personality, hard work, and some great movies under his names. Whatever contribution, he has done to Hollywood is worth remembering for ages. His roles in movies like â€Å"Billy Madison†, â€Å"Big Daddy†, â€Å"Mr. deeds†, â€Å"50 first dates†, â€Å"I know pronounce you Chuck and Larry†, and now â€Å"Funny People† serve as models for the newcomers in the industry to follow. He is also the head of his production house â€Å"Happy Madison Productions†. Sandler’s co-star in this film is Seth Rogen who is also very much an actor, comedian, writer, stand-up comedian, producer, and entrepreneur like Sandler. This Canadian Jewish, 27-year-old man, has impressed critics with his roles in movies like â€Å"The 40-year-old virgin†, â€Å"Knocked up†, â€Å"Pineapple Express† and of course â€Å"Funny People†. He has not won anything for his acting but he has won best writer award Canadian Comedy Award for â€Å"Superbad† in the year 2008. Judd Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann also plays a supporting role in this movie.

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