Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Business Analytics_Information Systems within your working environment Coursework

Business Analytics_Information Systems within your working environment - Coursework Example The organization is one of the leading employers within the global industry. In addition to this, the organization has adopted and implemented effective global business expansion, business diversification and product differentiation strategy in business operation process in order to gain potential competitive edge and maintain potential competitive advantage over its competitors. The organization has developed and installed several advanced technological applications in business operation process in order to enhance effective business operation practices. This report will discuss several aspects of the use of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERPS) in PepsiCo including the advantages and disadvantages of the software application. Moreover, the study will determine how this specific software application has helped the management of PepsiCo to enhance effective business performance in global market places. ERPS can be considered as important business management software. It is also considered as a set of integrated software applications, which an organization can use it to source, collect, gather, store, manage, record and interpret data and information from several business activities. These business operation activities may include manufacturing or service delivery, product planning, cost planning, inventory management, marketing and sales, and shipping and payment. The major objective of this specific business management software application is to provide an incorporated view of central business process in real time period by using common databases that are maintained by a particular DBMS or database management system. This ERP system can track several business resources of an organization quite significantly. The business resources include production capacity, raw materials, cash, payroll, purchased orders and status of the business commitments. One of the major objectives of this system is to facilitate

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