Friday, July 26, 2019

Is the death penalty effective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Is the death penalty effective - Essay Example The society is one which requires deeply and desperately at all times, a capital punishment. If not for the punishment, there would have been a much higher level of murders across the world. Without the capital punishment, the population would tend to use, ‘mob mentality’ in situations where the emotions get out of hand. There are a number of cases, both simple as well as more intense where people have lost their lives and it is important to note that without the prevalence of a death penalty, there would not be any deterrent to murder. If a person was simply to be locked in jail with complete access to food, clothes, and shelter without having to earn it, then people would take this option and would never worry about murdering anyone (Davis, 1998). In simple terms, our society is filed with a number of criminals and is not civilized enough to manage without a clear set down deterrent for the crime. Hence, it is necessary for the death penalty to be applied to ensure a s afer society. A number of experts have also pointed their views to the ineffectiveness of the death penalties and have also brought out the fact that in spite of the death penalties that are being used within the countries, there are still a number of people who tend to do the crime. The process of giving the death penalty is a long one with the criminals living comfortably in prison and this to a great extent tends to reduce the effectiveness of a death penalty. As a deterrent, it is important that the criminals are not given a chance and are executed right away to make the punishment a successful one (Dieter, 1998). However this clearly is not possible considering the number of laws and regulations that need to be considered before giving a person a death sentence, thereby making this method ineffective and inefficient. I personally believe that the death penalties are a very effective method of conducting the society and criminals that have committed murder. This is mainly because, the

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