Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Critiquing and Evaluating a Rheumatoid Arthritis qualitative research Essay

Critiquing and Evaluating a Rheumatoid Arthritis qualitative research paper - Essay Example The domain is chosen because in the process of treatment, patients are questioned about their condition and expert in healthcare are able to study the condition and prescribe care for them. The domain aims to make steady the state of patients (Mason-Whitehead, 2008, p14). This is the data acquired after researches done on patients (Nestor and Schutt, 2012, p24). Although the means to collect the data may not assure 100% credibility, it informs the kind of issues that happen to realise high quality of life. To obtain the qualitative data, a researcher interviews large group of people with the condition, only rheumatic arthritic victims were considered (Creswell, 2012, p.73). Main Body Evidence based practise is an approach in clinical care that is interdisciplinary and which is involved in assessing a condition of health from different angles before recommending the steps to be taken. Evidence based practise entails integration of the available evidence to practitioners and other reso urces to give the required care and promote health with the consideration of the affected (Lewenson and Truglio-Londrigan, 2008, p.18). This implies that circumstances should be looked at to establish the various factors that influence them. From the research evidence, that person will be able to make decisions. In health and social care, evidence based practice helps practitioners to choose the most appropriate care programme to implement on a patient. Through this, the sick are get quality care (Ellis, 2010 p43; Cashin and Cook, 2011 p33). The principles of evidence based practice are that the validity of a decision can only be verified only when research has been conducted in order to inform the situation. In enhancing the life of patient faced by rheumatic arthritis (RA), it is necessary to assess different means to provide care so that a person may be able to understand the issues that are related to provision of care (Madison, Sadowski and Savard, 2009, p87). In caring for pat ients with RA, evidence based practice provided a broad perspective in the information of the processes that work and those that do not assure good results. The domain for enhancing life for patients with long-term conditions is necessary to assess different care programmes that prevail in the process of health care (Eizenberg, 2011, p35). The research paper on the RA was used because choices of steps that are taken to mitigate the condition of the patients take some time to be carried out. The qualitative research evidence it provides can be used to understand the perspective through which people look at the medication they receive. In assessing the research paper on the RA patients, it is important to consider the various aspects of the research framework, which inform the whole paper. For example, it is important to consider the various areas of interest like the statement of goals, objectives as well as present the different issues that are important to the research. The stateme nt of goals of study in a research paper was not done clearly. However, from inference, a reader is able to deduce the objective of the study, objective of the research was stated as a way to examine prescription for patients infected with RA. This step was inevitable to specify activities that can be carried out in order to come up with the evidence, the

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