Friday, May 8, 2020

Why Do You Use the Word Thesis in Writing an Argumentative Essay?

Why Do You Use the Word 'Thesis' in Writing an Argumentative Essay?You might have heard people telling you that the thesis statement you should avoid when writing an argumentative essay is the conclusion. And if they do, then you might find it difficult to reach an acceptable conclusion because it is so similar to the beginning of your argument. So, if you are in need of some tips on how to write an argumentative essay and how to approach a thesis statement then read this article now.The two most common areas of conflict that are always present in an argumentative essay are the start and the end. Because the thesis statement is often used to set the stage for the argument, the usual fall back plan is to use a thesis statement as a beginning and as a concluding point. I'm not suggesting that you use the same thesis statement twice but if you must use one, then be sure you do not lose control and create a conclusion that was contrived or arbitrary.You need to avoid using the thesis sta tement as a starting point. In fact, using the word thesis is one way of ending a paragraph in the middle of an argument. You should always maintain good order when working on an argumentative essay. In my opinion, the introduction and the conclusion should be separated by paragraphs that clearly state both the topic and what the main thesis is.A thesis statement should never be used as the conclusion or a way of doing a summary. Try to be clear in your work and be sure to draw attention to your point through good writing and concise arguments. When you use the words thesis, conclusion and summary, you are stealing credit from the work of another writer.Sometimes writing can become difficult especially for people who find themselves having to come up with too many arguments. However, when you are trying to write an argumentative essay, there is no room for overusing the word thesis. Remember, the thesis is for statements that provide a complete description of your topic.You should a lso understand the difference between a thesis statement and an argument. Sometimes people will use these two words interchangeably, but they are completely different words. If you are trying to address an argumentative essay, then the differences between the two words are very important.To help with separating the words of argument and thesis, try and think of how would you phrase your argument. When you think about it, when you make a bold assertion, you might also use the word thesis. Although, in writing an argumentative essay, a thesis is usually a supporting statement that backs up a statement of fact. It is very important that you remember that the word thesis is used to describe a person's opinion and not a fact.Use a thesis statement to describe your argument. Do not use the word thesis as a beginning or ending point. For arguments that are lengthy, or you find that your arguments cannot be summarized in a couple of sentences, you might consider going back and forth between the two words.

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